Best Abstracts of PSOGI 2016:

Leanne Vaartjes: “Understanding The Origins Of Synchronous Peritoneal Metastases And Its Influence On Survival” Peritoneal metastases are a very significant part of oncology practice with a huge impact on survival of affected patients. Catharina Cancer Institute, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Aditi Bhatt: “Indian Hipec Registry: A Registry For Indian Patients With Peritoneal Surface Malignancies”.

Eelco De Bree: “Normothermic Or Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy With Paclitaxel Or Docetaxel? Evaluation Of The Cytotoxicity Of Various Drug Concentrations, With Or Without Hyperthermia, In Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines”

Yang Liu: “Cytoreductive Surgery And Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy For Peritoneal Metastases From Small Bowel Adenocarcinoma: Multi-Institutional Experience”

Sarah Valle: “Repeat CRS and HIPEC in colorectal cancer in 189 patients”. Survival from repeat CRS and HIPEC is feasible with survival of 26.4 months after the second procedure PCI > 10, LN-involvement of the primary tumor and high-grade postoperative complications after second CRS are poor predictors of survival”

Yan Li: “The Mucin-Lysing effect of Myrtol Standardiszed for enhanced treatment of PMP”. Myrtol standardized is capable of decreasing the viscosity of mucus associated with PMP and may be an interesting drug in the treatment of PMP.

Severine Valmary-Degano: “The antibodies against Pd-L1 and prognostic significance of Pd-L1 expression on a series of epithelioid peritoneal malignant mesothelioma”

Satoshi Murata: “Intra-operative adjuvant HIPEC prevents hepatic recurrence as well as peritoneal recurrence after curative gastrectomy for an advanced gastric cancer”


The presented received their awards during the Awards Dinner on November 18th 2016: