Yutaka Yonemura

Current position

Director of Peritoneal Metastasis Center, Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital

Research activities

In the Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Center of Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital, Ikeda Hospital, and Kusatsu general Hospital, we mainly treat patients with peritoneal metastasis, distant lymph node metastases, hematologic metastasis in liver and lung from gastrointestinal and gynecological malignancies. Treatment strategy is a comprehensive treatment consisting of cytoreductive surgery, perioperative chemotherapy, RFA, and hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy.


510, Fukushima-Cho, Shimogyou-Ku, Kyoto, Japan

Other contact data

510, Fukushima-Cho, Shimogyou-Ku, Kyoto, Japan