Claudio Quadros

Current position

Hospital São Rafael, Salvador, Bahia Brazil.

Research activities

Dr Claudio Quadros obtained his PhD-degree at the University of São Paulo (2005 -2009). Published national and international peer reviewed manuscripts. His current main research activity is related to the creation of the Brazilian Registry of Peritoneal Diseases – BRPD that will join data of all the centers that perform cytoreductive surgery and peritoneal chemotherapy in Brazil, with already 36 participating centers.


Dr Claudio Quadros is a Brazilian Board Certified Surgical Oncologist, with clinical practice in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. His main interest is in laparoscopic and advanced cancer surgeries. He is performing cytoreductive surgeries with HIPEC since 2004 and has been encouraging the indication of the procedure in Brazil. Graduated at the Medical Scholl of the Federal University of Bahia (1996), where had his training in General Surgery (1997 – 1999). His Surgical Oncology residency was at the Brazilian National Cancer Institute, in Rio de Janeiro (1999 – 2002). Since 2002, he is Chief of the Colorectal an Anal Cancer Division at Aristides Maltez Cancer Hospital, performing with the other two surgical oncologists over 500 colorectal cancer surgeries every year, including the surgical treatment of liver metastasis. He also coordinates the Surgical Oncology Team of São Rafael Hospital, one of the best hospitals of the North/Northeast region of Brazil and the institution where his Surgical Oncological team performs cytoreductive surgeries with HIPEC for patients with peritoneal mesothelioma, pseudomixoma, and peritoneal metastasis of colorectal, ovarian and gastric cancer.

He is Professor of Surgery at Bahia State University’s Medical School and Professor and “hands on instructor” of residents in Surgical Oncology at Aristides Maltez Cancer Hospital. He is committed to promoting continuous medical education, in surgical oncology, for Latin American colleagues. Was responsible for the organization of the 2015 Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology – BSSO Congress, when the Latin American Society of Surgical Oncology – LASSO was officially created. He is organizing the 2017 HIPEC International Meeting, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, that will be the first Peritoneal Oncology Group International – PSOGI supported Latin American event in peritoneal malignancies.

Is the Vice-President of the Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology – BSSO, an international member of the Society of Surgical Oncology – SSO and European Society of Surgical Oncology – ESSO. Was one of the funders and actual member of the Executive Committee of the Latin American Society of Surgical Oncology – LASSO. Participated at the Brazilian National Board Examination Committee in Surgical Oncology (2012 – 2014) and is member of the Ethics Committee in Oncology of the Medical Council of the State of Bahia, Brazil.


Hospital São Rafael - Avenida São Rafael - São Marcos, Salvador - Bahia, Brazilië