“Advanced ESSO course on the management of HIPEC after CRS – 2019″

The next ESSO Advanced Course “Management of HIPEC after CRS” taking place in Hamburg from 7-9 March 2019 aims to discuss evidence-based clinical decision-making in the management of primary and secondary peritoneal cancer and will offer a multidisciplinary programme combining both practical aspects and theoretical problems.

This 2019 edition will be chaired by Beate Rau from the Charite University of Berlin, Germany and Victor Verwaal from Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Technical and clinical approaches will be revisited and updated. Presentations will include the state of the art and latest advancements, videos with tips and tricks by the experts in the field, and case reports.

Participants will perform cytoreductive surgery in small groups in the wet lab using several new technical devices and supervision by the experts. Therefore the workshop is limited to a small number of participants (first come, first served basis).

More information can be found here: ESSO Course Hamburg 2019

For the full programm: Programm ESSO Course 2019