10th International Congress on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies 2016

The 10th International Congress on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies will take place on November 17 – 19th, 2016 in Washington, DC. Click here to see the updated program!


The International Congress on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies is held biannually with the first meeting taking place in London in 1998. Starting with only 14 participants, attendance has dramatically increased over the years to 500 participants at the 2014 meeting in Amsterdam.

In the past decade, the treatment of peritoneal metastases has gained interest from oncologic communities around the world. During the 1990’s, the first pioneering centers began treating patients with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC). Prior to HIPEC, patients were treated with palliative support and only guaranteed a few months to live. Today, if a patient with peritoneal metastases is provided with proper treatment, the survival increases to an average of several years and improved outcomes are reported every day. The 2016 PSOGI congress’s mission is to provide clinical and scientific information on peritoneal surface malignancies and to create awareness regarding innovative treatments that will improve the quality of life for patients. The target audience includes healthcare practitioners in the field of surgical oncology, clinical oncology, gastroenterology, radiology, and gynecology. The program will also include a satellite meeting related to nurses in the field.